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Sketch commission
I've slowly been learning to use my tablet ;u;
But I thought I could use this commission as practice! It'll just be a simple, sketchy outline of your character with some minor shadows, but it'll be pretty big I guess, because it's easier to draw big ^-^;

Chances are you'll get your commission under an hour after you order it ;u; but don't hold that on me, 'caus I won't draw when I want to sleep! ;A;

Thank you! ^-^/
Icons, icon manipulations and icon animation
Request from woophoopo by Kuro-fukurou
Free icon: Elsa by Kuro-fukurou
Comm: LightBleuEyes by Kuro-fukurou

For this commission I can:

:bulletgreen: Make an icon for you, like any of the icons up the top (These are the main 3 bases I use. You can specify which one you want)

:bulletred: Manipulate an icon that's too big for deviantart use and make it as much like the original as possible.

:bulletpurple: make a small image of a cartoon/anime face or inanimate pixel icon blink (or do anything else simple like that)

You don't have to pay straight up. Before I post your commission, I'll ask for payment, then I will provide the posted link for you :aww: 

All the bases I use belong to :iconbuneep:


:iconkai-taichou: :iconsonic-shadow-fan: :iconraven-mae23: :icontinytums: :iconrvenn1: :icontiny-tums: :iconlightbleueyes: :iconwildspirit321: :icontylerjadefrancis: :icontherocketscientist13: :icongoatflubber: :iconmitsukichan313: :iconsaberphoenix: :iconstrawberrypie71: :iconjayjaydevianart:




Kuro-fukurou has started a donation pool!
981 / 700
Hey~ o3o/
Donating would be great... ;u; you can even just pay for stuff here if you want to XD
I try to commission people who might not get commissioned often...just so you know where all of dem points go... >v< it's not like I'm gunna use 'em, anyways... XD

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Kuro-fukurou's Profile Picture
Black Owl
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey~! My name is Kuro-fukurou, but it's a pretty long name, so you can just call me Kuro or something :p

I live in Australia and I play violin and piano, love anime and manga and I can speak japanese...more or less...
I love Vampire Knight, Inu x Boku, Spice and Wolf, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc :) I've also been getting addicted to Role-play games >< like The Witch's House and Ib. Drawing and animating keeps me alive >v<

Programs I use: Muro, Mypaint, Manga Studio, Gimp 2.8 (for icons), Blender (for animating)

My real life friends! (go watch them!!)
Awesome internet friends! (watch them!!)
My family: (watch them too!!)
:icongoatflubber: Brother
:icontinytums: Sister

Art trades: Open (friends only, soz)
Commissions: Open
requests: Open (for sketches)
This gets updated with change!

*PLEASE don't ask me to follow anywhere other than DeviantART, because DA's the only thing I've got! (and don't be disappointed if I don't end up following you, anyways)

Thank you for dropping by~! :dummy:

Me? Evil? by Gehdahniagin stamp by shannonmari3Bleach-'Wannabe Soul Reaper' by DannyP514Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagiVK: Eeek, a horse! by Kaze-yoLlama For Llama Stamp by StampMakerLKJTK by artboy70Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJSakura Stamp by stomp-stampWumbo Stamp by KataoiMusic Stamp by The-HamletsStamp - Whoooyeah? by deaddoll00ulquiorra stamp by anime-rock-n-rollSketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlowBAKA stamp by Gezusfreek


80 percent meme by Kuro-fukurou
80 percent meme
EDIT: I don't think someone who knows 80 percent is gonna come by any time soon ;u;
Soooooo answers:

I'd seen this meme floating around for a while, so I decided to give it a go myself :3

Like it says, you have to guess who my favourite characters are. If you can guess 80 percent of them (8 of the 10), then
you are awesome. That's how it works, apparently XD but I chose to make it that whoever guesses the most right will get a
watch and llama from me :3 (and you would be forever awesome just for knowing them)

Here are some hints:
- They are all anime characters, except for three of them, two of which are from games
- Two characters are from one anime

That probably wasn't too helpful, but I'll leave it there anyway. I'll also put up the answers when they're all guessed.

Happy guessing! o3o/

Blank version:
Three Beauties by Kuro-fukurou
Three Beauties
*collapses* This took much longer than it should have... :iconlazycryplz:
Anyway, this is my entry for the Toshiba Seriously Japanese contest ^-^

The instructions were kinda vague and I took it two ways, so I tried to put both my interpretations in :) I also wanted to show
how the definition of beauty has changed with technology and modernisation, so I put in three different interpretations of beauty:

Top: Straight from the 'three beauties' picture (original 'beauty')
Bottom left: Original in manga form, adjusted to look more appealing to a modern audience
Bottom right: A fully modernised 'beauty'

I actually think the bottom left one looks the prettiest... :p

- Everything in the picture was referenced from the original work in some way
- The patterns are bucket-fill patterns from Gimp
- Japanese on the fan: I love Miku!
Programs used: MyPaint, Gimp
Time taken: a week ;u;

Good luck to all entrants! ;v;/ (I hope I at least get a placing;; )
Bleach: unplanned strand by Kuro-fukurou
Bleach: unplanned strand
Procrastination + Aizen's birthday = this thing

Happy late birthday, you amazing bastard Aizen Sousuke. I hope this makes up for the fact you spent it alone in a chair.

P.S: Yes, the mirror is an arrancar. Deal with it Sloth 
Anamatin' evry daaay
('caus ima slow as heeell)
Yes, yes, another update journal, jajaja, but I think it's about time I made another one with everything going on lately ;u;

For starters, I apologise for the lack of activity on DA ^^; I've been working on animations for my Youtube channel and I've been pretty unmotivated to do art...
For those who haven't seen my Youtube channel, please go check it out here:… ^^

I'm so happy it's getting popular! :D I just feel bad because it's taking forever for me to animate more stuff... ;u; although, I'm no animator and I'm still learning, so if you're waiting for more please be patient for me!
The animation I'm working on at the moment is going to be more or less a test. It won't (or more shouldn't...) be sketchy and under-detailed. In fact, it should be a proper, good-quality animation with some fluent movement in it, but it will just be testing what I'm able to do and how well I'm able to do it ^-^; I've only done about four seconds of it atm (although that four seconds took a few hours), but it will only be a short animation, anyway... ^^

And can I just say, thank you to everyone who enjoyed my delicious tomato song animation I posted on Youtube! :heart: I was seriously questioning myself when I made it, and I nearly chickened out several times when making and posting it, but everyone seems to like it and that's seriously awesome! :'D (except for this one person who disliked it, but hey, someone had to eventually). I thought everyone would think I was a weirdo for posting it, to be honest ;u; especially when it began to circulate around my family and my family's friends... *sweats profusely* but thanks to the support, I was a little less ashamed to show my friends :') so THANK YOU SO MUCH! >v</

...If you don't know what I was talking about, the excuse for an animation's here (please don't judge me;; )

Ah, I'm so glad to get all this off my chest! :) so that thing up there and more things like that to come are the reason I haven't been arting as much, plus lack of motivation. I'm working on an art trade with a friend, so I'll post that when I can! :D
Please wait patiently for more of my art and animations! ;u;/

:damphyr: Kuro

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