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Sketch commission
I've slowly been learning to use my tablet ;u;
But I thought I could use this commission as practice! It'll just be a simple, sketchy outline of your character with some minor shadows, but it'll be pretty big I guess, because it's easier to draw big ^-^;

Chances are you'll get your commission under an hour after you order it ;u; but don't hold that on me, 'caus I won't draw when I want to sleep! ;A;

Thank you! ^-^/
Icons, icon manipulations and icon animation
Request from woophoopo by Kuro-fukurou
Free icon: Elsa by Kuro-fukurou
Comm: LightBleuEyes by Kuro-fukurou

For this commission I can:

:bulletgreen: Make an icon for you, like any of the icons up the top (These are the main 3 bases I use. You can specify which one you want)

:bulletred: Manipulate an icon that's too big for deviantart use and make it as much like the original as possible.

:bulletpurple: make a small image of a cartoon/anime face or inanimate pixel icon blink (or do anything else simple like that)

You don't have to pay straight up. Before I post your commission, I'll ask for payment, then I will provide the posted link for you :aww: 

All the bases I use belong to :iconbuneep:


:iconkai-taichou: :iconsonic-shadow-fan: :iconraven-mae23: :icontinytums: :iconrvenn1: :icontiny-tums: :iconlightbleueyes: :iconwildspirit321: :icontylerjadefrancis: :icontherocketscientist13: :icongoatflubber: :iconmitsukichan313: :iconsaberphoenix: :iconstrawberrypie71: :iconjayjaydevianart:




Kuro-fukurou has started a donation pool!
981 / 700
Hey~ o3o/
Donating would be great... ;u; you can even just pay for stuff here if you want to XD
I try to commission people who might not get commissioned often...just so you know where all of dem points go... >v< it's not like I'm gunna use 'em, anyways... XD

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Black Owl
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey~! My name is Kuro-fukurou, but it's a pretty long name, so you can just call me Kuro or something :p

I live in Australia and I play violin and piano, love anime and manga and I'm learning Japanese.
I love a lot of Japanese stuff, like manga, anime and Japanese music :) Apart from that, I like music in general, art, computer games and cute animals. Drawing is my life <3

Programs I use: Mypaint, Manga Studio, Gimp 2.8 (for icons), Blender (for animating)

My real life friends! (go watch them!!)
Awesome internet friends! (watch them!!)
My family: (watch them too!!)
:icongoatflubber: Brother
:icontinytums: Sister

Art trades: Open
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requests: Open (for rough sketches)
This gets updated with change!

*PLEASE don't ask me to follow anywhere other than DeviantART, because DA's the only thing I've got! (and don't be disappointed if I don't end up following you, anyways)

Thank you for dropping by~! :dummy:

Me? Evil? by Gehdahniagin stamp by shannonmari3Bleach-'Wannabe Soul Reaper' by DannyP514Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagiVK: Eeek, a horse! by Kaze-yoLlama For Llama Stamp by StampMakerLKJTK by artboy70Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJSakura Stamp by stomp-stampWumbo Stamp by KataoiMusic Stamp by The-HamletsStamp - Whoooyeah? by deaddoll00Ame And Yuki Wolf Children Stamp by wow1076Sketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlowBAKA stamp by Gezusfreek


Blank Dream by Kuro-fukurou
Blank Dream
Aaah, I've been so busy :iconlazycryplz: I haven't been drawing much at all.

But I just got all of the endings for this game, and I really wanted to do some fanart for it ;u;

I can't decide if it's better than The Witch's House;; (Witch's House does a better job with the horror atmosphere, but Blank Dream has a full-on story in it...)

Blank Dream download (I recommend The Witch's House while you're there):…

General Information

Name: Escara Sangrestanque
Alias: "Scar" "Two-face" "The disease"

Age: 302 (early 20s in appearance)

Rank: Espada
Number: Quinto (5th)

Full body



Escara is slim, petite and well-proportioned, with slight curves. Her hair is a thick, dark shade of purple and reaches a little past her shoulders, thinning at the tips. Her hair is split into two halves, the halves on either side of her head. She has a thick fringe on her forehead swept to the side and thick bangs on either side of her head which, like the rest of her hair, thin out at the tips. All that remains of her hollow mask is two wing-shaped blades that sit on the left side of her head where her ear would be. She also has dark gold markings under both of her eyes that resemble 3 stitches over a cut. Her eyes are fairly narrowed and are a striking yellow with slits for pupils, and lack reflection.

Escara wears the standard shoes and white hakama, and the rest of her uniform is also white. The clothing on the front and back of her torso are separated down the sides, and while the front is tucked into her hakama, the back continues over the hakama until it reaches the bottom, where it flows outward like a cloak. The bottom of the cloak is outlined black. A line runs down the middle of the front of her uniform, starting at a v-shape made by her collar, which hugs her neck, and an X-shaped stitch runs over the top of her collarbone. Her sleeves start at the top of her arms by a thin, black band, and become looser and more kimono-like once they go past her elbows. Her hakama belt is black and thicker on her left side, which is also where her sword sits. Her hollow hole sits under the 'X' over her collarbone, and her rank number is tattooed on her right shoulder.

Personal Information

Escara comes across as snarky and cunning, with some sadistic traits, but also has a laid-back and sometimes uncaring nature. In public, she often wears a smirk on her face and prefers to linger or simply listen. She likes being well-informed on what's happening, and often has regular conversations with her allies during her free time, but she rarely talks without a sarcastic tone. Although she seems troublesome, she lives up to her rank with her keen observation and analyzation skills, as well as intelligence. She is also calm and self-controlled, and knows when to not mess with someone. Escara's mood also changes easily, as she easily becomes bored and has a short temper against anyone attempting to provoke her. If someone is purposely trying to anger her, she drops her smile and becomes cold and threatening, and her tone grows quiet dangerous. She earned the nickname "Two-face" by how quickly she changes attitude when she's angry. The weaker arrancar, especially servants, try their best to avoid her because she enjoys taunting them for entertainment's sake when she's bored (which is rather often).

Historical outline:
Frail since birth, Escara died from a fatal disease when she was young and became a plus, but no Shinigami ever came to save her, so she eventually became a hollow. Because she was frail, the only thing she was able to weaponize in her body as a hollow was her disease, so it was used as a basis for her growth. She spent countless years living in Hueco Mundo alone, feeding off the air, then humans, then larger hollows, all with her powers of disease and poison, which gave her a significant advantage against more powerful hollows. By the time she was an Adjuchas, her disease-like powers had grown to the point where touching her body would cause whatever organisms touched her to be infected with disease, but the other adjuchas and larger hollows figured out that eating her would give them a significant power boost. During the failed attempt of a group of hollows trying to take her down, Escara's mask was shattered almost entirely, giving her a power boost that allowed her to instantly kill the entire group that attacked her. Not entirely sure about what she had become, she eventually stumbled into the castle known as Las Noches.

Combat Information

Name: Zancudo (mosquito)

Release Phrase:

 Her Zanpakutou takes the appearance of a simple katana with a green, woven hilt and a gold metal cap. The hand-guard is also made of gold metal in the shape of a rectangle, and inside it is two wing-shaped blades, like her mask, protruding from where the blade starts, resembling a butterfly of sorts. Her sheath is light brown.

Appearance: Full body (sketch)
During her Resureccion, another wing-shaped mask fragment appears on the other side of her head, and the tips of her hair become thin and black. Her hollow hole is exposed and outlined underneath with armour, and her elbow and knees also have armour around them, outlining them as joints. Her arms are completely guarded with armour, though the armour on the top half of her arm follows the same pattern as a bandage, while the bottom half is simply plain white. Starting from the shards underneath her hollow hole, black material is split in the middle and runs down to more shard around her pelvis. The armour on the front of her legs is bandage-like, while the back of them is completely black. Her hands and feet are covered in black, but her fingers are far more longer and thinner, and the same goes for her feet and toes. Starting from shards on her shoulders, Escara also has ribbon-like limbs that extend to her modified toes, one on either side. The end of these 'limbs' are blackened and hardened into a pointed shape. 

Escara's reiryoku is specifically designed so that when released as reiatsu, it becomes disease-like in enough density. On its own, it's just like the reiatsu of any other Espada, although it's said to be a bit more unsettling than usual, however if the density is at a point where her reiatsu is in a more solidified form, it takes on powerful disease-like properties. Her reiatsu is usually purple, but the more harmful and diseased it is, the blacker it will be. Pure black reiatsu is the most toxic and destructive. If someone or something were to come into and stay in direct contact with her black reiatsu, it would result in a spreading paralysis and eventual mutation if contact isn't broken.

Brazo Pestilente (Pestilent arm):
Since Escara's black feet and hands are manifested from disease, and simply coming into contact with them risks serious damage. With this ability, her hands and feet can change shape, and usually become more flat, pointed and extremely sharp, which allows her to cut through the air and slash at her opponents. Since it has decomposing properties, wounds inflicted by this ability are more painful and harder to heal.

Vampiro de Sangre (Vampire Blood):
To use this, the blackened edges of the ribbon-like appendages coming from her shoulders secrete a deep purple ooze. If any of this liquid were to spill on an organism or opponent, it would absorb its weight in whatever it comes into contact with until it glows and becomes a lighter shade of purple, after which it will take to the air and return to Escara, giving her what was absorbed. This mainly includes Reiryoku or body cells/reishi if she is injured and trying to heal herself.

Veneno de Sangre (Venom Blood):
The same as the above, except the ooze is pure black and in less quantity, and it won't return to Escara after it's used on an opponent. The liquid is injected via being cut by the same ribbon appendage, but it contains powerful decomposition powers which, after a few moments, force and rip the said cut open even more. Cuts can become 2-4 times larger depending on their size (the smaller the cut, the larger it grows) and are far more difficult to heal. It burns on open skin. 

Cuerpo Profano (Unholy Body):
This technique is only used in situations where Escara has lost a body part of any sort and it needs urgent replacement. This technique allows her to fully regenerate any body parts she's lost, apart from her organs and brain, with the same dense, blackened reiatsu she uses on her hands and feet. Although whatever is reformed is by all means perfectly functional and deadly to the touch, she very rarely uses this ability, the reason being that the whole process involves draining massive amounts of reiatsu from her body and condensing it until it solidifies. Replacements using this method are usually temporary until she recovers what she needs using Vampiro de Sangre or any other means of healing.

Granted Abilities 

Cero De Plaga (Cero Plague): Cero De Plaga is Escara's unique Cero. As well as being more powerful than the standard Cero, what makes hers unique is that she mixes her powers of disease in it. She does this in the form of black reiatsu bullets and streaks that splatter anyone caught in or in close proximity to the Cero, and they have the same lethal effects as her hands and feet would.

Gran Ray Cero
Keen Pesquisa - able to sense up to 30km away
Fast Sonido - one of the fastest Sonido users in the Espada
Fairly strong Hierro

- Specializes in close-range fighting, and has fast reflexes.
- Has one of the fastest Sonidos in the Espada
- Alert and very good at observing and analyzing situations, as well as adapting to them
- Has more reiatsu than what the standard for her rank is (but she needs a lot to use her powers properly, and her powers sit at the standard level)
- Always calm and collected, never reckless

- Lacks in brute strength
- Can't always control reiatsu-based attacks i.e Ceros
- Her body has difficulty regenerating itself
- Can barely work together with her allies
- Not very likeable at all
FreeBleachRP - Escara Sangrestanque
I'm working on a more detailed sheet here:…
As well as the FreeBleachRP template, it has parts from this oc sheet here:…
Updates are more likely to happen there :3

Thanks to Mr-Cryuga for pointing out a few things ;u;
'Vampiro de Sangre' can only carry its own weight in what it takes, and Escara's disease paralyzes and eventually mutates whatever it comes into contact with (if the contact isn't broken)

Application for :iconfreebleachrp:

I might redo this as a general oc instead of a group exclusive one so she has more details ;u;

Extra details about her:
- Her theme is "Fallen" by Egoist…
- Her favourite colour is green
- She has a habit of keeping her arms crossed when she isn't using them
- She is my precious //slapped

The writing in the preview image is just her name in Japanese, because...just because.
Moonlit Kill by Kuro-fukurou
Moonlit Kill
My oc Miyu in her shadow form <3

It's been ages since I've drawn, how she's grown proportionally! :'D

I actually did this at least a few months ago, but never got around to posting it;; Enjoy anyway! :)
I have been tagged by :iconsonic-shadow-fan: XD

The 13 Rules

1.- You have to post these rules

2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them
3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4.- Choose 13 people
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6.- Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
9.- Tag-backs are ALLOWED
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11.- You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
12.- Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
13.- Cussing is ALLOWED

13 things about me:

1. I'm a little over 180cm, or 5 foot 9 inches

2. I have 3 cats (Spice, Silver and Matari) and a dog (Bella), and Matari belongs to me :3

3. I live in Australia

4. I am obsessed with Japanese stuff (anime, manga, culture, etc.)

5. I also do Japanese at school

6. I have six people in my family, me being second eldest out of three other siblings

7. I rarely listen to English music anymore (It's all Japanese;; )

8. I wear my watch on my right wrist

9. My favourite colours are red, blue, purple/lilac and black (and pastel colours :3)

10. But I hate fluro colours

11. I'm a rather picky eater

12. I'm really into poetry, song lyrics, just anything poetic, especially if it's dark-themed

13. I wear black almost all the time

13 questions directed to me :3

1. Who are the deviants you look up to the most?
I dunno. Yuumei and Inma are two artists that I look up to in terms of art *-* but I look up to LightBleuEyes in terms of attitude and creativity :)

2. What were your greatest challenges in your life as an artist?
Depression was, or more is, the big one ;u; there's also the feeling of simply not being good enough, and that's also a big one ;u;

3. You're on of my watchers. Why did you watch me?
Mainly because I know you in real life o3o

4. What are your current obsessions/fandoms you're in?
Bleach. I'm obsessed with the characters and designs, and how Kubo can flawlessly draw them in whatever perspective he wants TvT I am especially obsessed with Aizen;;

5. What song are you listening to right now?
"My Narrow Road" sung by Miku <3

6. Does music affect what/how you draw?
Definitely. Whenever I draw, I only listen to music that would suit the atmosphere of what I feel like/am drawing.

7. If you had the power to bring any video game to life, what would it be and for what reason?
I don't play a lot of video games... ;u; but maybe 'Ib' because I love that game and I would know what to do if I got stuck in it.

8. You're sucked into the last video game you played, what game is it and how boned are you?
I last played Super Scribblenauts, so...that would be pretty awesome actually. I'd be able to write down whatever I want and it'll come to life! Hell yeah! >v< but I would also be a paper cut-out, so issues may arise there;;

9. If you could star as any character in a movie, who would it be and why? Who else would star in the movie with you and what character would they be?
Hmm...I don't know :/ 

10. You're asked to design a game. What would it be like, what would it be called and what characters are in this game?
It would most likely be an RPG maker game, and I would make it a horror...I would probably base it around this nightmare I had once (and I planned to make an animation or story based around it), and if I do that, I would call it 'START AGAIN' :3

11. What's your favourite emoticon to use here on DA?

12. What would you like to see more of in my art?
I can't think of anything specific. I quite like Creepypastas, though :3

13. Are we friends? If not, would you like to be friends?
I like to think we are friends, but if not, then yeah, let's be friends :)

13 questions you need to answer:

1. What inspired your username?

2. What led you to create a DA account?

3. What would be your personal theme song?

4. Which fictional character do you wish was real?

5. If you could go back into the past and give advice to your past self, what would you say?

6. If a zombie apocalypse happened one day, what would you do?

7. Do you have any guilty pleasures in life? If so, what are they?

8. What is your favourite colour?

9. Do you have any phobias?

10. What's your favourite animal?

11. Do you play a musical instrument?

12. What is your dream?

13. Life has just given you lemons. What do you do with them?

Thanks for tagging ;u;
People I tag:


I don't know 13 people on DA I can tag, so half the people I tagged probably don't remember or even know me ><; Soz, but I tag you, anyways :p

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