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About Varied / Hobbyist Black OwlFemale/Australia Groups :iconmangamaidens: MangaMaidens
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Bleach chapter 666 by Kuro-fukurou Bleach chapter 666 :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 12 0 The Anime Man competition entry by Kuro-fukurou The Anime Man competition entry :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 4 0 Merry Christmas, LightBleuEyes! by Kuro-fukurou Merry Christmas, LightBleuEyes! :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 10 10
FreeBleachRP: Mari Harukaze
Name: Mari Harukaze (春風真里 harukaze mari)
Age: 121 (around 15-17 in appearance)
Gender: Female
General Appearance: Full body
Extra info: Mari stands at about 165cm (5'4), and despite looking thin and petite, she has a fit, well-toned body underneath her Shihakushou, which hasn't been personally adjusted whatsoever. She doesn't take very good care of herself, so her hair is quite scruffy despite her attempts to keep it neat in public.
Character Type and Skills: 
Character type: Power
Strength: High
Speed: Average
Endurance: High
Intelligence: Basic
Spiritual energy: Average
Kidō: Basic
Battle stats:
Offense: 60
Defense: 50
Mobility: 70
Kido/Reiatsu: 30
Intelligence: 30
Physical Strength: 80
Total: 320/600
Character Flaws: 
- Difficulty adapting to situations and
:iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 2 2
Theme 2: light by Kuro-fukurou Theme 2: light :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 7 0 Theme 1: Love by Kuro-fukurou Theme 1: Love :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 9 6 Mother Mary by Kuro-fukurou Mother Mary :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 7 2 Blank Dream by Kuro-fukurou Blank Dream :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 7 3 AT: Nebula by Kuro-fukurou AT: Nebula :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 7 7
FreeBleachRP - Escara Sangrestanque
(Undergoing a few fixes atm;; )
General Information
Name: Escara Sangrestanque
Alias: Scar
Age: 302 (early 20s in appearance)
Rank: Espada
Number: Quinta (5th)
Theme song: "King" by The Romanovs 
Battle theme: Fallen  by Egoist
Full body (old) (left on full reference)
Height: 171cm 
Weight: 52kg
Escara is slim and well-proportioned, her body slightly curved. Her hair is thick and a musty shade of purple, reaching a little past her collarbone and thinning at the tips. It's split into two halves not tied back whatsoever, each half on either side of her head. She has a thick fringe on her forehead swept to the left and thick bangs on either side of her head
:iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 3 2
Moonlit Kill by Kuro-fukurou Moonlit Kill :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 5 3 Happy Birthday Gin by Kuro-fukurou Happy Birthday Gin :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 6 0 Bleach: I will stand on the heavens by Kuro-fukurou Bleach: I will stand on the heavens :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 16 3 Three Beauties by Kuro-fukurou Three Beauties :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 35 28 80 percent meme by Kuro-fukurou 80 percent meme :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 10 25 Fan-animation [read description] by Kuro-fukurou Fan-animation [read description] :iconkuro-fukurou:Kuro-fukurou 7 2


Remorse by kawacy Remorse :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,940 308 Shelter by yuumei Shelter :iconyuumei:yuumei 12,674 230 Forest of Life by yuumei Forest of Life :iconyuumei:yuumei 6,565 119 When the Wind Rises by yuumei When the Wind Rises :iconyuumei:yuumei 11,586 191 Lost Me by yuumei Lost Me :iconyuumei:yuumei 12,100 185 At The Crossroads by yuumei At The Crossroads :iconyuumei:yuumei 17,985 487 I am the Bird of Hermes by NanFe I am the Bird of Hermes :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,288 46 not tomorrow by NanFe not tomorrow :iconnanfe:NanFe 958 23 1010 by azammii 1010 :iconazammii:azammii 938 16 Lamy 2000 drawing by emperpep Lamy 2000 drawing :iconemperpep:emperpep 1,053 42 Sunflower Leila by emperpep Sunflower Leila :iconemperpep:emperpep 1,732 81 Lamy 2000 drawing no.2 by emperpep Lamy 2000 drawing no.2 :iconemperpep:emperpep 3,084 116 Totoro :) by snowmarite Totoro :) :iconsnowmarite:snowmarite 442 18
No one is gonna call me beautiful~ A Poem
No one is gonna call me beautiful, 
Because my thoughts aren't pretty, 
And neither is my face 
Thank you for saying that I'm beautiful, 
But there's a difference between saying and meaning, 
Nobody notices at me like the way you notice her, 
And believe me when I say that you weren't looking at me
I wish I could be like the others, 
And show everybody what it looks like through my eyes, 
But I can't because nobody sees a galaxy in me 
And there may be 10 reasons people won't kiss me for, 
But there's 10 more reasons why they won't call me beautiful
:iconlightbleueyes:lightbleueyes 47 36
Fishy~ A Free Verse Poem
Silver Linings, 
You were such a small thing, 
But you had such a big soul 
I'm sorry that your gone, 
But I think you're even more sorry, 
That I had to see you fly away 
I hope you didn't see me cry, 
And I hope you didn't see me,
Hang my head in pain
I hope your at peace, 
Because I'm not sure if, 
I'll ever be 
Your body is with me, 
But your soul is no longer here, 
I don't know where it is 
Is it beyond the clouds? 
Is it beyond the stars? 
Is it beyond the universe? 
I don't know 
What I do know is that, 
You'll be missed forever, 
By me and my heart 
I don't know if you know 
But I lost a few heartbeats, 
When I saw you slip away 
And remember, 
This isn't goodbye, 
I hate saying goodbye anyways 
I'll see you soon, My Friend.
RIP Silver Linings 
:iconlightbleueyes:lightbleueyes 11 14


Sketch commission

This commission will just be a simple, sketchy outline of your character with some minor shadows.

Chances are you'll get your commission under an hour after you order it ;u; but don't hold that on me, 'caus I won't draw when I want to sleep! ;A;

Thank you for commissioning! ^-^/
Icons, icon manipulations and icon animation

For this commission I can:

:bulletgreen: Make an icon for you, like any of the icons up the top (These are the main 3 bases I use. You can specify which one you want)

:bulletred: Manipulate an icon that's too big for deviantart use and make it as much like the original as possible.

:bulletpurple: make a small image of a cartoon/anime face or inanimate pixel icon blink (or do anything else simple like that)

You don't have to pay straight up. Before I post your commission, I'll ask for payment, then I will provide the posted link for you :aww: 

All the bases I use belong to :iconbuneep:


:iconnightmare72702: :iconmidnoob: :iconxxmoemoexx: :iconzoogoo40: :iconsonic-shadow-fan: :iconraven-mae23: :icontinytums: :iconrvenn1: :icontiny-tums: :iconlightbleueyes: :iconwildspirit321: :icontylerjadefrancis: :icontherocketscientist13: :icongoatflubber: :iconmitsukichan313: :iconsaberphoenix: :iconstrawberrypie71: :iconjayjaydevianart:




Kuro-fukurou has started a donation pool!
981 / 700
Hey~ o3o/
Donating would be great... ;u; you can even just pay for stuff here if you want to XD
I try to commission people who might not get commissioned often...just so you know where all of dem points go... >v< it's not like I'm gunna use 'em, anyways... XD

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Kuro-fukurou's Profile Picture
Black Owl
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey~! My name is Kuro-fukurou, but it's a pretty long name, so you can just call me Kuro or something :p

I live in Australia and I play violin and piano, love anime and manga and I'm learning Japanese.
I love a lot of Japanese stuff, like manga, anime and Japanese music :) Apart from that, I like music in general, art, computer games and cute animals. Drawing is my life <3

Programs I use: Mypaint, Manga Studio, Gimp 2.8 (for icons), Blender (for animating)

My real life friends! (go watch them!!)
Awesome internet friends! (watch them!!)
My family: (watch them too!!)
:icontinytums: Sister

Art trades: Open
Commissions: Open
requests: Open (for rough sketches)
This gets updated with change!

*PLEASE don't ask me to follow anywhere other than DeviantART, because DA's the only thing I've got! (and don't be disappointed if I don't end up following you, anyways)

Thank you for dropping by~! :dummy:

Me? Evil? by Gehdahnia gin stamp by shannonmari3 Bleach-'Wannabe Soul Reaper' by Oliwollyoctosaurus Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagi VK: Eeek, a horse! by Kaze-yo Llama For Llama Stamp by StampMakerLKJ TK by artboy70 Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Sakura Stamp by stomp-stamp Wumbo Stamp by Kataoi Music Stamp by The-Hamlets:thumb162046649: Ame And Yuki Wolf Children Stamp by wow1076 Sketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlow BAKA stamp by Gezusfreek


Such inactive, much cry ;u;
Gaaah, I really want to do something, but I've been so busy and unmotivated (and kinda sick too, as of late)
I'm so sorry for being so inactive T-T
I have been tagged by :iconsonic-shadow-fan: XD

The 13 Rules

1.- You have to post these rules

2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them
3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4.- Choose 13 people
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6.- Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
9.- Tag-backs are ALLOWED
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11.- You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
12.- Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
13.- Cussing is ALLOWED

13 things about me:

1. I'm a little over 180cm, or 5 foot 9 inches

2. I have 3 cats (Spice, Silver and Matari) and a dog (Bella), and Matari belongs to me :3

3. I live in Australia

4. I am obsessed with Japanese stuff (anime, manga, culture, etc.)

5. I also do Japanese at school

6. I have six people in my family, me being second eldest out of three other siblings

7. I rarely listen to English music anymore (It's all Japanese;; )

8. I wear my watch on my right wrist

9. My favourite colours are red, blue, purple/lilac and black (and pastel colours :3)

10. But I hate fluro colours

11. I'm a rather picky eater

12. I'm really into poetry, song lyrics, just anything poetic, especially if it's dark-themed

13. I wear black almost all the time

13 questions directed to me :3

1. Who are the deviants you look up to the most?
I dunno. Yuumei and Inma are two artists that I look up to in terms of art *-* but I look up to LightBleuEyes in terms of attitude and creativity :)

2. What were your greatest challenges in your life as an artist?
Depression was, or more is, the big one ;u; there's also the feeling of simply not being good enough, and that's also a big one ;u;

3. You're on of my watchers. Why did you watch me?
Mainly because I know you in real life o3o

4. What are your current obsessions/fandoms you're in?
Bleach. I'm obsessed with the characters and designs, and how Kubo can flawlessly draw them in whatever perspective he wants TvT I am especially obsessed with Aizen;;

5. What song are you listening to right now?
"My Narrow Road" sung by Miku <3

6. Does music affect what/how you draw?
Definitely. Whenever I draw, I only listen to music that would suit the atmosphere of what I feel like/am drawing.

7. If you had the power to bring any video game to life, what would it be and for what reason?
I don't play a lot of video games... ;u; but maybe 'Ib' because I love that game and I would know what to do if I got stuck in it.

8. You're sucked into the last video game you played, what game is it and how boned are you?
I last played Super Scribblenauts, so...that would be pretty awesome actually. I'd be able to write down whatever I want and it'll come to life! Hell yeah! >v< but I would also be a paper cut-out, so issues may arise there;;

9. If you could star as any character in a movie, who would it be and why? Who else would star in the movie with you and what character would they be?
Hmm...I don't know :/ 

10. You're asked to design a game. What would it be like, what would it be called and what characters are in this game?
It would most likely be an RPG maker game, and I would make it a horror...I would probably base it around this nightmare I had once (and I planned to make an animation or story based around it), and if I do that, I would call it 'START AGAIN' :3

11. What's your favourite emoticon to use here on DA?

12. What would you like to see more of in my art?
I can't think of anything specific. I quite like Creepypastas, though :3

13. Are we friends? If not, would you like to be friends?
I like to think we are friends, but if not, then yeah, let's be friends :)

13 questions you need to answer:

1. What inspired your username?

2. What led you to create a DA account?

3. What would be your personal theme song?

4. Which fictional character do you wish was real?

5. If you could go back into the past and give advice to your past self, what would you say?

6. If a zombie apocalypse happened one day, what would you do?

7. Do you have any guilty pleasures in life? If so, what are they?

8. What is your favourite colour?

9. Do you have any phobias?

10. What's your favourite animal?

11. Do you play a musical instrument?

12. What is your dream?

13. Life has just given you lemons. What do you do with them?

Thanks for tagging ;u;
People I tag:


I don't know 13 people on DA I can tag, so half the people I tagged probably don't remember or even know me ><; Soz, but I tag you, anyways :p


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happy bday :3
how have you been?
it's been ages since we last talked! i dont know if you even remember me lol :P
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Excuse me in the future, but from tomorrow you will not have internet (possibly for the rest of this week), and I did not want to forget to congratulate you.
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